Nik A Visual Communication Firm (Νικόλας Αθανασιάδης)


Creative Pragmatist *

with 28 years experience in the field of communication. He has worked in several large, well-known multinational advertising agencies (Leo Burnett, BBDO Athens, MAcCan Erickson, Ashley & Holmes), creative agencies and digital agencies. As Senior Art Director he has established communication material on Art as well as on Copy level fpr a very large number of products and also a huge product range.


His customers include:

OTE/COSMOTE – Forthnet/Nova  EVGA (ice creams) – FAGE (yugurt, milk) – Refresh juices – ΕΚΟ – ELAIS – LAIKI BANK – HALKOR – BMW – ELLINIKA PETRELEA  – XALIVOURGIKI IVI – Mini Hellas – ΕLBISCO – LAY’S STARBUCKS  TASTY – MAKRO FRIESLAND – UNILEVER  MLS – SEPE EPSYPE – PLESIO – ΑΚΤΟ  SPELL MEGACLUB – ΕΖΑ – JOHNSON & JOHNSON – ΕLBISCO – SEAT – ZAGORI  PANOUTRON – ΒΕΝCKISER – EDRΑ  ARSENIS VILDIRIDIS – CAFEKAFE SMART ART IN GREECE – SWEET SUITE IN GREECE Miss Coco – Panoutron – Masif Wood – Purelogical cosmetics  Fitness Games – Attiki Odos – Tenga  Pizza Hut – Kalamea Foods – Pittas Pitta – Vichy Advanced Beba cosmetics – petite fleur – stolichnaya – NIPPON – Christmas Factory – AGAIN CONDOMS – FOSS PRODUCTIONS – IQ KIDS (social media)  IQ SHOES  (social media) MEDISEI  (social media) – PANTHENOL EXTRA  (social media) KAISER  (social media)  – MD PROFESSIONEL  (social media) – ΑDΜHΕ – GREEN CAMP – MAMA KNOWS  MARA MILONOPOULOU JEWELRY – TAX IN ORDER – OGILVY ONE – VIOLOGIKI AGORA  ΝΟEΜOΝ  – ΑLPHA BANK – GREE AIRCONDITIONS – JANSSEN PHARMACEUTICAL – FOTIDOU PHARMACY  SCALA VINOTECA MYTWINS.GR – 11898, tvc’s concept & scenarios – STAGER ELEVATORS VesselBot

Since 2013, he has his own company and provides a complete package of creative services.


* Creativity sparks the imagination, which means being bold, expressive, and inspirational. Meanwhile, pragmatism means being realistic based on practical rather than theoretical considerations. The uncertainty plus the gloom and doom vibes of the pandemic has led to The Great Resignation. Employees have reached their breaking point, making them rethink their work and life goals. The workforce, including creatives, is yearning for purpose and meaning at work. At the same time, after all the isolation, people are starting to realize that staying connected matters more than anything.

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